Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Small World

Earlier this year I started a new quilt. My Small World is designed by Jen Kingwell (of Amitie here in Melbourne) and was published in The Spring special of Quiltmania, 2015.

I have completed 3 sections of the 6. Here is my progress so far

I got a starter pack of fabric from Amitie (several fabrics the same as in Jen's original quilt) and I added lots of fabrics along the way

Since is it called "my small world" I have used some fabrics that have significance for me.

I used "Rose" because it is in my blog name, but it is also a family name.

This little piece of lace was crocheted by someone in my family. Either my mother, one of my grandmothers or my great grandmother! They all sewed, crocheted, knitted etc. I wish I knew who made it.

This one is for my children. All 3 of my children did gymnastics and my daughter also danced for many years.

Some elephants for my husband because he is from Laos.

Scissors for all the sewers in my family.

A piece of fabric that my daughter designed.

A piece of Liberty with all things "tea" because I love a cuppa! :)

Lastly a favourite section of little pinwheel blocks.

I have hand pieced everything so far and I am loving it! Thank you Jen for a fun quilt.

There are a few more progress photos on Instgram. My page is @mjnorindr . Look for #miriamsmysmallworld to see all my photos of this quilt. To see many other wonderful versions of this quilt on Instagram look at #mysmallworldqal, #mysmallworld or #mysmallworldquilt.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mountmellick Progress

Last night I put the last stitch in the part 4 border of Mountmellick, a mystery quilt by Di Ford and published in Quiltmania magazines in 2014.

The corners are English paper pieced. I am hand stitching the whole quilt.

Before we went away to Japan I had all the little triangles cut out ready to piece. I managed to do only a little piecing in Japan, but I had a stitching marathon on the plane on the way home! :)

Next is a narrow appliqued border, then a wider pieced border. Still a long was to go!

I did finish one small quilt earlier this year..

Here it is with its new owner inside his teepee..

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm back, with a new project and much more...

Well, it has been far too long since I updated my blog! There has been plenty of sewing happening, so I will start with my most recent start and come back with some more posts of what else I have been doing.

I have bitten by the clamshell bug!! I have never made clamshells before, so got some advice from others about what might be the best way to go.

I decided to make my own clamshell template from template plastic. I found an old Mathomat one of the kids used at school to draw a 2 inch clamshell.

Next I traced several clamshells on to freezer paper and tried applying spray starch with a paint brush and ironing over the curved edges. I didn't have much success with this. The freezer paper got soggy and stretched. Now I am using glue to stick down the folded edge.

I plan to make just a small quilt with an Alison Glass Ex Libris in the centre and surrounded by clamshells. I have an Alison Glass border fabric that I plan to use also.

For the clamshells so far I have chosen a mixture of Alison Glass, Cotton and Steel, Karen Lewis Textiles and Maze and Vale fabrics.

Since I finished the 2 quilt tops in my previous posts, I have mostly stuck to making progress on 2 projects.

The first is a new project using a pattern by Jen Kingwell. My Small World originally appeared in the Spring 2015 edition of Quiltmania. It is now available as a separate pattern. Below are parts 1 and 2 completed. I have almost finished part 3. I will do a new post about this quilt. Its been lots of fun!

I  have been continuing to work on Mountmellick, Di Ford's mystery quilt from Quiltmania last year. These little blocks are for Part 4. I have 2 sides attached and just the other 2 to sew on. Stand by for a separate post about Mountmellick too!

You may notice the photo above was taken in a plane. We recently had a short holiday in Tokyo. There was some fabric shopping in amongst all the sightseeing!! Of course there will be a post about our experience in Tokyo too!!!

Back soon! :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two Quilt Tops Finished!!!

It is always a long time between finishes when I have several projects going at once and many of them are by hand. Well, this month I have finally finished 2 quilt tops!!! Woohoo! :)

The first finish is my hand pieced Lone Star. I started this quilt with several other ladies in my Friday Sewing group at Somerset Patchwork.

Every stitch is by hand, so it took me almost exactly 12 months to finish this top! I plan to machine quilt it (it is huge so would take too long to hand quilt!!), but have no idea how....yet!

As usual. I have had several other projects on the go this month.

I made a little pouch with some Cotton and Steel fabric as a gift.

A little more progress has been made on Mountmellick.

One of the corner blocks...

...and the completed border attached to the centre medallion I made last year!

.Sorry its upside down!!

I have started the next border. So far I have made 5 out of a  dozen hexie flowers using half inch hexies.

Next is another machine stitched block for Citrus Sweet Love.

Last night I finished stitching the very last block of the Chester County Criswell Quilt, block 33.
There have been several challenging blocks in this quilt and I think I found this one the most challenging!!

Today I machine stitched all the blocks together!!

I made the first block in August 2012 and there has been one block a month since then. Lots of hand applique!! I am going to miss stitching one of these blocks every month.
This photo was just a quick shot taken outside. I hope to get some better photos over the next few days. It was fun pulling out all the blocks and remembering those I had stitched many months ago.

Already I have chosen 2 more new quilts to start!!! Plus I have plans to keep working on some older WIP and get some more finishes!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

May stitching

I have all my Noah and Matilda blocks sewn together! I opted with this layout because I want to hand quilt it. The original has the blocks on point with lots of blank blocks in between.
I still have the borders to make. I (hopefully!) have all the grapes made and I have made a start on the flowers and leaves.

Here are a few of my favourite blocks...

I have kept up with CCCQ, so here is the penultimate block!!

Block 32 Alice Carlile.

I have started back stitching Mountellick from last year's Quiltmania mystery BOM. I am working on part 2, the first border around the centre medallion.

I am using BOM fabrics from Threadbear.

I have put together some hexies using Cotton & Steel fabrics.

These are for the top of a small bag.

Earlier this week I visited a new shop here in Melbourne.  Cutting Cloth has been open only a few days and is run by Kellie of Don't Look Now. The shop is set out beautifully.

I came home with a lovely piece of Cotton & Steel lawn, some fat quarters of Alison Glass fabric and the perfect piece of fabric for my Joseph's Coat quilt that I started on line with Kellie several years ago! The top has been finished for ages. I have just been trying to find the prefect backing fabric.

Today I put the last stitch in the binding of small quilt.

More photos when the quilt has been gifted.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back again!!! With stitching and a review of Tulip Needles.

Well, March has zoomed by and we are into the 2nd half of April already!
March was a bit hectic around here and I ended up getting sick earlier this month. I'm well on the road to recovery now! :)

A little down time has meant I have been able to catch up on some sewing.

Last week I finished sewing together all 8 sections on my Lone Star.

Next will be the setting squares and triangles. I am still deciding whether to applique some smaller stars on the background fabric.

I've managed to keep up with the Chester Criswell blocks.

Block 30

and block 31.

Only 2 more blocks to go!!!

I have completed one more block for Citrus Sweet Love.

The next block is half finished. I hope to get that one done tonight.

For Noah and Matilda I have made a little pile of purple grapes for the border. Lots more to go! I have extra fabric for the vines coming in the post, so when that arrives Noah and Matilda will be full steam ahead again!

Recently I purchased a set of Tulip Needles. They are beautifully packaged!

Sorry the photo is up side down!!

I have tried a few of them now.

The sewing needles are no. 9 and are a bit thicker than I am used to using. The gold eye is easy to thread and think they will be good to use for general sewing.

The milliners needles come in 3 sizes. I choose the finest needle to try out. It is a longer needle with a small eye. I didn't have trouble threading Aurfil 50. The needle has some "flex".

So far my favourite needle is the applique needle. It is shorter than the milliners, but has a much larger eye.
I have used both Aurifil 50 for piecing and YLI silk for applique using the milliners and the applique needle. Both needles have "flex" and are nice and thin. When I first started using the needles I encountered some "resistance" to the needles passing through the fabric. However, I persevered with stitching to give the needles a good try out. I am wondering if there is some kind of coating on the needles because after some use they become much easier to pass through the fabric. I had no trouble finding the only needle I had used after it had been put back with all the others.

I hope everyone is finding lots of stitching time! :)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Stitching

It is the last day of summer here and, now in the mid afternoon, the sun is just beginning to shine. It has been an overcast, humid day with the promise of some much needed rain tonight.

February has had some days of no stitching at all and other days when I have achieved lots. :)

I made a start on Citrus Sweet Love. The first block, Emma's Puzzle finished using all Cotton & Steel fabrics. I machine pieced this block.

I finished a mini with some fabric from a fat quarter swap our sewing group had just before Christmas.

The fabrics are Yuwa and Cotton & Steel. I was inspired by a table runner I saw posted by @quiltsandwichfabrics on Instagram. The mini is machine pieced and I hand quilted it using DMC 80.
More of the Yuwa fabric was used making the pouch I showed in my February 1st post.

My Lone Star is coming along slowly. I've almost finished the 6th section of the star!

Noah and Matilda has been sitting on the side lines, somewhat. I have made more than 20 little grapes for the border. There is still a long way to go!

This week I managed to complete February's CCCQ, block 29, Maria Criswell. Only 4 more block patterns to come for this quilt.

I have also sewn a little more on the hexagons I showed in the February 1st post.

I'm looking forward to a day of hand stitching with friends tomorrow. :) I hope to get that 6th lone star section finished!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some recent blooms from my garden:

Remembering Duncan. Ten years today.