Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Projects for 2015, finishes and WIPs

Who can resist beginning something new for the new year?  With an enormous choice of new quilts appearing I have chosen 2 that have been around for a little while.

The first is Sweet Citrus Love, a quilt pattern available from Treehouse Textiles and designed by Emma, Sarah and Cathy.  I plan to use mostly Cotton and Steel fabrics for this quilt.

Here I have started auditioning fabrics for the first block.

I am using a mixture of fabrics from both quilting cotton collections from C & S.
Citrus Sweet Love is a great combination of both piecing and applique. I plan to make this quilt by hand.

My 2nd quilt will be La Passacaglia from a Quiltmania book by Willyn Hammerstein. It is the cover quilt in this book.  Again I will be using lots of Cotton & Steel fabrics and stitching by hand. I don't expect to finish this quilt any time soon!!! Lol I have seen lots of versions on blogs and Instagram and the colour choices I have seen are very inspiring!!!  Almost every quilt I have seen has been made using English paper piecing. However, I am going to have a go at making it just piecing.

Now for some things I have been stitching over the last few weeks.

Lots of Noah and Matilda!!

Exotic Flower:

Three Flower Stem:

Four Tulips:


All the blocks completed!!!

This won't be the final arrangement of blocks. I just wanted to see them all together. Next week I will start the border blocks. It is going to take a while; there are something like 200 tiny grapes to make!!!!

I finished block 28 of CCCQ, Mary McDowell. (patterns available here)

Only 5 more blocks to go!!

Mostly I hand stitch at night after dinner. When I have time during the day I stitch on the machine.
At the end of last year one of the stitch groups I am in had a fat quarter swap. I decided to make a mini and a small pouch. I wish I had taken a photo of the original fabric, but you will just have to imagine it! Lol Here is a small peek at the mini. I am still hand quilting...

I appliqued circles from the fabric to use on the pouch:

The exterior fabrics and Cotton and Steel. For the lining I used a piece of fabric by Julie Wallace, and Australian quilter and designer, who passed away late last year.

Another machine project is something I decided to attempt after seeing a quilt on Jacquie's blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Tutorial here. This will be a mini quilt of hexagons entirely pieced by machine. I am about half finished right now, but here is a photo from earlier....

I have used a mixture of Cotton and Steel and Maze and Vale fabrics.  This project has been a huge lesson for me in very accurate cutting and very accurate 1/4 inch seams!! (there has been some unpicking, trimming and re-stitching!)

My Lone Star quilt is still growing. No photos this month, but the next section is more than half done.

You may remember that last year I was lucky enough to win a very generous giveaway on Lynne's blog, Lily's Quilts., where I won 12 fat quarters of Cotton and Steel fabric a month for 12 months from Pink Castle Fabrics.  I really want to again thank Lynne, the ladies at Pink Castle and the ladies at Cotton and Steel. While I still love reproduction fabrics and recreating quilts from the past, in the last few months the direction of my sewing and quilting has been moving to more "modern" sewing. I have been inspired by these new fabrics to take a new look at the types of quilts I make. Now I need twice as many sewing hours every day!! Lol!!!!!

The latest bundle from Pink Castle's Cotton and Steel Club:

Love those butterflies! :)

Lastly, a photo of the flowering gum in our back yard.

Have  a great weekend, everyone! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ahhh, Applique!!! How I have missed you!

It has been quite a while since I did any applique. In fact, so long that the callous on my fingertip was gone and I had to  get out my thimblepads!

I have, finally, begun working on the last 4 blocks for Noah and Matilda. One and a half blocks done!

There has been plenty of stitching happening here, but its all been on the machine.

Another bag for a gift;

Japanese taupes on the external pocket.

Love the button.

 A small purse using Cotton and Steel fabrics:

and another little dumpling pouch.

The dumpling is made using a soft cotton lawn from Moda's Regent Street by Sentimental Studios.

These fabrics are reminiscent of Liberties, both in hand and print design.

Some more fabrics made it here too...

A new monthly installment from Pink Castle's Cotton and Steel club. This little selection took the scenic route via Canada, so was most welcome when it finally arrived!
I also scored 3 panels from a recent sale by Maze and Vale.

I had a quick look through what I had posted about in 2014.
The year started off with both continuing and new projects. Lots of stitching has been done on CCCQ and Noah and Matilda BOMs. I have, mostly, kept up. CCCQ will have only 5 or 6 more blocks to finish this year. For Noah and Matilda there are now only 2 1/2 blocks and the borders to finish and the top will be done!

I continued with Jane Pizar, making some of the blocks that surround the centre medallion. Mountmellic, the Quiltmania mystery quilt by Di Ford, was another project I started in 2014.

I made a quilt for my MIL using swoon blocks and started a Lone Star quilt.

The biggest news of 2014 was the birth of my grandson, the first grandchild for both sides of the family.

Lots of my stitching for this year was for him!! Knitting, crochet, a nappy bag, 3 quilts of varying sizes and a fabric book.

In my next post I will talk about my stitching plans for 2015!

Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almost Christmas!

There has been a mixture of hand and machine stitching here in the last few weeks. Some piecing and some applique.

Slowly but steadily my lone star is growing. Half way there now!

Its getting huge!!!

I finally finished November's Noah and Matilda blocks.

Here is my completed Flower Wreath block from my last post. The yellow flower centres are french knots.

This next block looked a bit daunting at first!  I began by making the centre section.

Then appliqued it over the rest of the block.

Rose Beauty complete:

All three November blocks complete:

There are 4 blocks again for December. I've prepared the freezer paper templates and chosen the fabrics, so its almost stitching time.

A couple of nights ago I finished the latest Chester Criswell block.

CCCQ Block 27 Susanna Criswell.

On the machine I have been making purses and bags.

I used Cotton and Steel fabrics for this little purse. On the outside I stitched cross stitch with pearl thread over the little crosses printed on the fabric.


Dumpling Pouch pattern and tutorial at Michelle Patterns blog.

I have plans for a couple more different pouches using metallic zips.

Next a completed and now gifted Christmas gift.

I hand pieced the flowering snowball block for the outside pockets (one on each side).

More pockets on the inside. And more Cotton and Steel fabrics.

Love the button!

Pattern from Annie's Quilting Fat Quarter Shuffle. (photo of book at the end of this post)

Today I started cutting out another of these bags.

Only 2 more sleeps till Christmas Day.
Remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

How can it be almost the end of November?

This year has flown by!!! It feels like it should be about August, not almost December.

This month has been particularly busy for me, so there has been a bit less time for stitching.

My priorities are my 2 BOM subscriptions.

We are up to Block 26 with the Chester Criswell Quilt. I love the design of this block!!

Block 26 Elizabeth Cummins:

So far I have completed only 1 1/2 blocks for Noah and Matilda.


Current progress on Open Flower Wreath:

I will get another photo up when its done. Take a look at a photo of Dawn's version of the block here. I love this block!!! I think this block would make a wonderful centre for a small medallion quilt!

Here is some of what has been keeping me busy;

My daughter has started making and selling clothes and accessories for babies and children, concentrating on boys clothes, but not forgetting the girls.  A couple of days a week I take care of my grandson while she sews. Her business is young and she has started doing some craft markets as well as having a webpage, a Facebook page (Krome Butterfly) and an Instagram account. (@Kromekids) If you are on or near the Mornington Peninsula tomorrow we will be at the Point Nepean Craft Market at Portsea.  Come and say hi if you visit.

I'll be back soon with more stitching. There are a few more things I have been sewing. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October finishes

The boat quilt for my grandson is finished. This quilt will be for his cot.

It is quilted simply with stitch-in-the-ditch around each boat and a wave shape on each alternate block.

I used a fabric with all over boats for the backing and I even found a preprinted label with a boat.

All soft and crinkly after a wash.

This months CCCQ block looked deceptively simple....

Block 25, Sarah Stubbs' block.

All those curves took a while to stitch.

I'm looking forward to making Block 26 this month; Love the pattern of this one!

I just managed to complete my Noah and Matilda blocks on the last day of October! There were only 3 blocks this month and the first 2 didn't take me too long.

Cactus Vase.

Mexican Rose.

I procrastinated over the third block! lol


Not perfect, but done.

Dawn has posted photos of her blocks for November. I'm looking forward to making these. The 3rd one looks a bit of a challenge.....but  I love a challenge!! :)

Mid month also brought my next installment of Cotton and Steel fabrics.

(only 11 fabrics here. Somehow I left one out after admiring them all!)

I've started cutting out hexies from some of these fabrics. I need about 100, so a little way to go yet. These are 2 1/4 inches. The top and bottom fabrics in the left column are Maze and Vale fabrics. I think they make perfect partners for Cotton and Steel.

Yesterday we had a visit from a dear friend who has just come back from several weeks overseas. She brought back these books she found in a small town in Sussex, England.

Perfect reading for a cold and damp Sunday.  Looks like there is lots of inspiration behind those covers. :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone! :)